The Ultimate Solar-Powered Attic Fan

The Ultimate Attic Fan is the Ultimate way to provide high-capacity attic ventilation without high electric cost.

Hot Air Is Replaced By Cooler Air Which Is Drawn In From
Lower Intake Vents.

Why is it Necessary to Have Proper Attic Ventilation?

During the hot summer months the temperature in your attic an exceed 160°F. The attic acts like a giant radiator, passing excess heat back into your living spaces. Excessive heat in your attic causes your air conditioning system to work harder to keep temperatures cooler. Without proper ventilation, your attic has trapped moisture from the humidity in the summer and condensation in the winter. Trapped moisture can create a wide variety of destruction. This moisture promotes the growth of mold and mildew and, if it saturates your insulation, can lead to fungal decay and destruction of your roof decking.

Benefits of the Ultimate Solar-Powered Attic Fan

Each solar panel comes with a 25 foot power cord to accommodate optimum panel location for maximum efficiency. The solar panel can be placed in the best location and the fan housing tucked away out of direct sight.

• Fans can be installed in under 2 hours
• No electrical hook up needed
• Proper attic ventilation will extend the life of your roof
• Save money on air conditioning
• Removes moisture
• Make your home more comfortable
• Prevent mold growth and fungal decay
• $0 operating costs



• Tested at 110 MPH sustained wind with 8 inches of rain per hour and no water entry!
• Heavy duty powder coated galvanized steel construction
• High-impact tempered solar cell casings

Recommended Applications:

Square Footage of Home        Fans Required
1200 – 1400                              1 – 12.6 watt fan

1400 – 1750                              1 – 25.2 watt fan

1750 – 2100                              2 – 12.6 watt fans

2100 – 2400*                            2 – 25.2 watt fans

* Homes larger than 2400 Sq. Ft. will need additional unit/s based on additional square feet for proper ventilation of entire Attic.


• Heavy Duty Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Construction
• High-Efficiency Fan Blades
• 25 Year Warranty

Solar Panel:
• High-Impact Tempered Solar Cell Casings
• Resists Hail, Ice, Flying Debris and Impact Winds
• 10 Year Warranty

• Low Wattage, Low Voltage, Brushless Motor, Designed For Continuous Use
• 10 Year warranty

Each Solar Panel Comes With a 25 Foot Power Cord To Accommodate Optimum Panel Location For Maximum Efficiency. The solar panel can be placed in the best location and the fan housing tucked away out of direct sight.

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